Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rally In Huntsville - JUST GO

Busy much? Yep, me too.  That being said, our attention is needed. Women are getting the short end of the stick in state legislatures these days. Especially this week. Neoconservatives have taken it upon themselves to impose their own strange version of Sharia law upon women. Everything from transvaginal ultrasound to allowing employers the decision on what reproductive choices are appropriate for a woman have been imposed in more than 80 laws passed just this week. Google it. I'm not into providing sources for that at the moment.

Sunday, 3/18/2012, a lot of women and men are getting together in Huntsville for a rally for womens' rights. Sure, they are focusing on their own state laws, but they are including all women and all of America in their protest. Information about the rally:

I'm planning to be there - sporting my new walking shoes, fancy camera and all the indignation I can muster.  Please join us. Millions of women and girls (and men and boys) will thank you one day.

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