Saturday, March 10, 2012

Name Change

Name Change - sort of like Game Change. I always knew that one day I would change my name to suit a new sense of me. I just never knew what it would. I certainly never thought it would be Slutzky. But, there it is. That's what came up and that's what it is. The time is now.

There is a war afoot. We Americans can't seem to do without one, so we'll pull one out of the air if we have too. We did. I say 'we' in the metaphorical sense. Rush Limbaugh in this case, and his ilk, are the real 'we'. The corporations and the legislators who are attempting to take away health care and birth control are the 'we'. The shamers, the haters, the perverse mean bullies who have co-opted the Republican party, to the shame and horror of good Republicans everywhere, the neocons (neo-conservatives) of America have declared that women are less than, and sexual women, as in ALL women, are evil, repulsive, and vile.

My mother voice wants to point out that for every finger pointed at me, there are 3 more pointing back at you, but my crone me knows that's pointless. My school teacher voice wants to say that words can never hurt me, but my spirit knows that's not true. Fingers and words can be vicious tools of petty warriors, but they can still do harm. So, I will point and speak until I have obliterated each and every ignorant, mean hateful thought I possibly can. Each and every day until this insanity stops or they pry my fingers off the keyboard. Whichever comes first.

And, I will paint. And create beauty and laughter where ever I can. And I will not stoop to name calling or childish invectives, unless I just can't help it or I slip up.

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