Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm No Sexist - I'll have Cream and Sugar With That

I know a lot of men who really, truly are NOT sexist. They love women. Really. They respect women. Openly and out loud, even in front of other men. Well, unless they're men they don't know all that well. Or, unless there aren't any women around. Or, well, unless they're just minding their own business. Truly, they would never vote to interfere with a woman's right to choose, or stand in her way, God forbid, should his significant she ever have to choose. Nor would he not celebrate her raise, her promotion, her advanced degree. He is TOTALLY liberated and progressive at all times.

Unless.  It's a show on televsion where one of the characters played by Charlie Sheen is more than just little bit sexist.  C'mon, men. Somebody was watching that show. But, we know it wasn't you.

Unless.  It's a radio broadcast in his boss's car spewing angry Rush-ness. Sure, I would demand it be turned off, but I'm a woman. And, if another woman is in the car, does a good man let her make the call, or does he do for himself. Because, really, who does want to listen to that hate? But, we know you would.

Unless. It's porn. Where women just want that big old macho man to rock her hard in the ass and come all over her face! Right. Porn isn't made for women and women do NOT (at least the ones I know) really want it that way. Neither do you. Really.

Unless. It's video games. Where women barely exist and when they do, they are so overly bodified and sexualized that even Barbie feels fucking inadequate. But you don't want (or, ok, at least expect to ever get) a woman like that. You appreciate a woman's mind, too, we know.

Unless. It's beer commercials, which have improved but still fall back on the hot babes will fuck you if you buy this beer routine which is usually NOT true, but most especially NOT true of the beer being advertised.

Unless, unless, unless - I could go on. Does the 'girl' at your office make the coffee, do the dishes, clean out the 'fridge, water the  plants? In an office romance, who looks for another job when the romance ends? Do you refer to any woman working in certain jobs as a 'girl'? Do you refer to any female over age 18 as a girl? Yes, you, too, are a  sexist. So, am I. Men should kill bugs, fix cars, and worship the ground I walk on, make the world safe for democracy, have a tea party with his daughter, stand 10' tall always.  Unless . . . he's human, as am I.

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