Saturday, January 8, 2011


People were shot today. A 9 year old boy and a federal judge went to heaven together, much to their own chagrin, I'm sure. I'm glad someone older and wiser was there with the boy, but that is only daunted my deep sorrow that either and both are now gone. Nothing will ever really explain why it happened. I'm sure the shooter had his reasons - a life of marginalization, recent economic dispair and disparity, misplaced righteousness, no friend to say "whoa, dude, don't". The facts will all come out and are still being sifted, but last I heard, six were dead. Many more were wounded.

Fifteen headless bodies were discovered in Mexico. Hundreds of red wing black birds fell dead from the sky in Arkansas and some number of other birds in Italy. The North Pole strayed so far that an airport runway had to be re-calibrated. After 50 years of war and revolution, southern Sudanese may vote for independence. But can they really?

Can we really be independent? If so, is that a good thing. In the case of the southern Sudanese it may well be the preferred 'state' of affairs, but as people, we need each other. That 9 year old in Arizona may have been destined to grow up and solve all manner of human problems. The judge might have achieved wisdom on par with Solomon. Red wing black birds brink joy and song - one may have eaten the mosquito that will now bite another human who will become ill.

Many people are angry - the ones on the right are angry at the left who are angry back at the right. I've been that angry. I've joked inappropriately that I had someone in my sights, as she did about Gabriel Giffords. But, she is not responsible for this, however glib and blithe she is at dismissing her opponents as unworthy heathen in God's judgment and hers. Feel free to dislike her, but hate is too strong - she doesn't need your love bent backwards on itself. She needs a good education and awareness that she is not alone, that she is no different than Gabriel Giffords. There but for the grace of God goes she. And we.

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