Thursday, March 24, 2011

Come out, Come out Whoever you are! (shameless self promotion)

I stumbled on my stats page today. I knew it was there, but hadn't really bothered. Somehow, I keep thinking of this as my digital diary, where I rant to myself, pretending that other people actually care and read it. Then, I saw that I had followers. Then, I saw that I had followers I didn't even know. Actually, follower is more correct. So, today, I looked to see what my stats could tell me about the growing number of people who read me.

This month alone, 127 different people viewed me at least (on average) 4 times each. Wow. For all time, it's 423 people. 423 different people. In Germany, Denmark, UK, Croatia (really? Croatia?), United Arab Emirates (GET OUT!), Canada, China, Singapore, and Iran. Iran? OMG! I'm global! Who are you people? Now, I don't mean that in my snarky, cynical tone. I mean that in my, oh, I love you, you are my friends, you read my words, I want to love you back tone.

Apparently, a number of you pop in just to see if I've posted something lately. Most of you pop in via Facebook (likely after I've shared that I have a new post). I wish it would tell me who you all are. I know who 8 of you are - my dear, loyal followers. I get to like you best of all because I know who you are. The rest of you, I really would love to know who you are. Please share. Please, if you read me, leave a comment. Or don't. If you would like to comment, but don't want anyone to know who you are or read your comment, please email me at And if you really like me, feel free to make a donation. Really. Shameless as that sounds, I have a bit of the Steven Colbert self promotion instinct that begs for cash and attention whenever and where ever I can. And that is pretty much everywhere. The link is just to the right, and you can click on it and it will allow you to make a donation via Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, then trust me on this - you should. Paypal is an excellent company (short of the fact that they are owned by Ebay which is evil, but WTF, it's an easy and safe way to send money to me from anywhere in the world. If you know of a better way, let me know). If you like, I will send you a print, a photograph or a painting in exchange for your donation. Go to L. J. Burton Fan Page ( and pick out one you would like. Or just leave a comment. Anyone who leaves a comment is exempt from donations. For now.


  1. OK, I'm curious now. Just how do people in other countries find your blog? Do they go blog-hopping? And where in cyberspace would one even go to do such a thing? I mean, when was the last time you said to yourself "I have too much time on my hands, think I'll go read a few blogs from Croatia"?