Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brave New Day

I've moved my blog to Google! Now I can "monetize" it - post ads that might just make some revenue for me. I can also add a Paypal link, so folks who feel so inclined and motivated by great wit and charm can send me money, just because they want to.  I do plan to import my old blogs, but I'm not sure yet how that works. I'll let you know. So, all that being said, I have something more profound to share today.

My favorite biblical character is Elijah. The very concept of some nice old Jewish man wandering the earth captivated my imagination long ago. Last night Elijah came to me in a dream. For those who know me, it's not at all unusual for spiritual figures to reach out to me in that fashion. It is very meaningful to me that this time Elijah did so. I fell touched to the depths my soul.  He took me wandering and we saw many wonderful, exciting, fabulous things. I was awestruck as he showed me events that were on the verge of occurring in my life, places I would go, things I would do.

What has me wondering, though, is that in each and every place, I encountered absolutely filthy bathrooms. I'm not sure if it was required of me, or if I simply felt compelled, but I did gladly clean to sparkling, each of those bathrooms. Finally, Elijah took me on my last visit to some friends, Pat and Jim Walker. I am pleased to say that the Walker's bathroom was spotless! I was thrilled. Not that I minded cleaning all the others (this is a dream, please don't choke on your laughter), but I was so happy that my good friends did not suffer with a worldwide problem.

So, what on earth can this dream possibly mean?  I'm open to suggestions. The overall feeling was of wish fulfillment, great joy, laughter, hard work, and relief when the work was finished. Maybe that's just a view of my life to be. Let's hope so.


  1. Beautiful painting LJ Burton. You have surpassed me!

  2. My first thought was the lesson(s) Jesus imparted in washing his disciples feet. We are here to be of service to each other and to God and to be humble. Congrats. This makes more sense than gerrymandering. Now, get busy!

  3. Vic - I have not surpassed you - that's an old sketch of yours I found and colored - we have at long last collaborated on something!

  4. I think the bathrooms represent things in your past for which you've made amends or are coming to a place of peace with. When you finished with each bathroom, it was ready for you to 'live' in, so it was okay to move on to the next. I think it's so cool when people are able to remember their dreams. I so rarely do, or am even aware of having had them. :\

  5. Is viewing the ads sufficient for you to earn extra money or are we supposed to sign on for whatever?