Monday, October 24, 2011

Question for Artists

This could be considered a touchy topic. Very touchy. O.K. I'll just ask. Artists out there: does your art ever turn you on? Do you find yourself feeling perhaps a little too passionate about your work sometimes? Has the color of your paint turning at just that point leave you breathless? Does the curve of that wood, or the silken feel of its polishedness just send you over the top? What about paper - does it ever whisper to you? Canvas could, too, you know. I had never fully experienced that until recently. I'm working on this piece of wood that threatens to be an enormous compilation of several other large and small pieces of wood. Recently, I ran my hand down an area I'd just polished and I plotzed. OMG. That wood felt good. Gave new meaning to a woody! For a woman, that's quite an achievement. But, seriously. You know that point in the relationship, when your shoulders touch and you don't pull away, you just slightly lean into each other and it feels nice. It feels almost electric. It feels real and right and warm. It feels like laughter. This wood speaks to me on levels I'm just now finding. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to be a guest on that weird show about people who are in love with inanimate objects. It just surprised me to be able to feel so much life from a piece of wood that was dead and felled so very long ago. It's really added a new level to the physical and mental aspects of creating art.

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