Tuesday, February 9, 2010


One day, a handsome young boxer showed up on the other side of my fence. I didn't see him at first, but heard a voice say "I was really having fun, but now I'm really not and would you please look on my collar and call my dad please?" I turned around and he sidled up to me.  I checked his collar and sure enough, there was a number. I called and his dad was driving around frantically looking for him. He had chased a deer and it seems went a little further than he realized.  Dogs are capable of telepathic communication when they want to. Most of us just don't listen.

One night, my dog, Webster, took off up the stairs while my landladies were eating dinner.  The door at the top of the stairs separates the basement apartment from the kitchen.  I called him back down so he wouldn't disturb their dining.  He harumphed loudly.  "But, Mom," he whined, "they NEEEEEED me."  I was in the futile effort of explaining to him that they did not need him, he just wanted their dinner when the door opened and a voice called out "Webster, we need you."  So, apparently dogs are also psychic.

I think psychic, or animal communication, is really a matter of perception. Heightened perception perhaps, but it may be nothing more than paying really close attention to the details around you. Birds in the yard chirping away won't rouse any concern, but if the entire neighborhood is silent, it feels disturbing.  Likewise, if they're all screeching and squawking like mad. Something is surely not right with the world and if you investigate enough, you'll probably figure it out.

I saw an HBO special last weekend about Temple Grandin, the esteemed scientist who has discovered humane ways of treating cattle. She was able to see the holding facilities the way the animals see them and design a system that kept them calm. By paying attention to what the cows said in their behaviors, she was able to understand what they needed and ultimately save time and money for the companies involved.

We all, animal, vegetable, mineral, communicate. Information about us is tossed out with our very breath. It leaks out of our pores. Blares from our minds and hearts throughout the universe. We don't pay attention to what we're saying except with words. It's just as well. Very few of us are listening. Most of the world is so busy screaming about what they want to say, they couldn't hear us anyway.


  1. BTW,Temple Grandin is autistic, and thereby likely has a whole different perception set than most of the rest of us.

    She's also the one they tell those of us who have an autistic child or grandchild about when we're reeling from the diagnosis.

    She's probably at the tippy-tip-top of the autism spectrum...but she's not only vastly improved the lives of cattle, she's given many of us hope for the future.


  2. Notice how I bypass the entire gist of the post, and go directly to the part that's about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? lol